Did you know that the vast majority of golfers have a negative angle of attack with their driver? According to TrackMan the average golfer has between -1.8 to -2.3 angle of attack.
What this means is that for almost all of us we are hitting down on the ball at impact with our driver.
Why is this important? With a negative angle of attack you are effectively hitting the golf ball into the leading edge of the tee. The Result, added friction, spin and reduced distance. What you see...when the ball drives into the leading edge of the tee it causes the tee to bend, which upon recoil is what sends your tee flying behind you.


The Performance Tee is created utilizing four scientific principles with the goal of producing minimal friction. It is the most efficient energy transfer from club to ball.

  • No leading edge: Its rounded tips allow the ball to roll-over the leading edge of the tee and are less likely to negatively influence flight.
  • Smaller head: The smaller head diameter sits the ball higher in the cup reducing the force needed to lift the ball out of the cup.
  • ​​Performance coating: The performance coating of the head reduces friction between the ball and the tee by 90% allowing an almost frictionless release of the ball.

The results are unanimous. Based on independent testing from golfs leading robotics company, the Kestrel Performance Tee delivers greater total distance, carry, reduced spin rate and lasts longer. Get yours now!

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