Our Technology

More distance, more control and more durability. 

The Performance Tee is created utilizing four scientific principles with the goal of producing minimal friction. It is the most efficient energy transfer from club to ball.

The science:

A golf ball resting on top of a tee must overcome two forces before it is released.

  • The mass of the ball must be lifted up out of the recessed cup and over the edge of the cup’s rim. Alternatively the cup rim must be pushed down out of the way of the ball.
  • The golf ball must overcome the inertial friction between tee surface and ball surface.

    Our patented tee technology:

    • 6 pinpoint prongs create minimal surface area, reducing ball contact by 83%.
    • Its rounded tips allow the ball to roll-over the leading edge of the tee and are less likely to negatively influence flight.
    • The smaller head diameter sits the ball higher in the cup reducing the force needed to lift the ball out of the cup.
    • The "Performance" coating of the head reduces the friction between the ball and the tee by 90%, allowing an almost frictionless release of the golf ball.

      The results are unanimous. The Kestrel Performance Tee delivers greater total distance, carry, reduced spin rate and lasts longer*. Get yours now!

      Design patent: US DC695,861S
      Utility patent: US 8,711,105B2
      *Our tee has been tested against standard wood tees by the leader in independent robotic testing, Golf Laboratories Inc.