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Kestrel Golf

Performance Tee Pack - Lasts Longer, Reduce Spin, Drive Further

Performance Tee Pack - Lasts Longer, Reduce Spin, Drive Further

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Inspired by the American Kestrel, North America’s smallest falcon, which packs a predator's fierce intensity into its small body. Our golf tees are just as deadly, giving you fierce performance in a tiny frame. With increased distance and less spin, you'll be able to send the ball further than ever before. Kestrel tees are made from a patented high-tech polymer that is extremely durable and lightweight. The unique design allows you to stand out on the course while reducing friction between the club and the ball.


Are you the person that chases your tee all over the place after your drive? When your tee goes flying behind you it’s a surefire way to tell you can benefit from the Kestrel Performance Tee. The "performance" coating of the head reduces the friction between the ball and the tee by 90%, allowing an almost frictionless release of the golf ball. The results from golf's leading robotics testing company show increased ball speed, and a greater launch angle giving you more carry and more total distance than wood tees.


A decrease in spin rate means that your shots will stay straighter for longer. Our tees are specially designed to reduce friction which helps decrease the spin rate and carry your ball further. With a smaller surface area, Kestrel Performance Tees will sit the ball higher in the cup reducing the force needed to lift the ball out of the cup. In addition, the “Performance” coating helps take the friction out of the equation so you can hit bombs with more precision.


Tired of constantly breaking your wooden tees? Kestrel Tees are made with a patented high-tech polymer that can take a beating. Stop carrying 10 tee's in your pocket or consistently having to go back to your bag. 


Used by pros on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and Long Drivers. Our tee is backed by independent testing showing that Kestrel Golf Performance Tees provide a significantly longer drive than wooden tees. Kestrel Performance Tees are made to conform to the rules set out by the USGA and R&A. Unlike other tees that break easily and need to be replaced often, our Kestrel Performance Tees are built to last longer. 

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