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Kestrel Golf

Limited Time Offer - 50% Savings - Performance Bundle

Limited Time Offer - 50% Savings - Performance Bundle

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We've made it easier then ever to experience the Kestrel difference. Want to squeak a few extra yards out of the big dog and improve your precision while not having to carry a dozen wood tee's in your pocket? The Kestrel Performance Golf Tee's is that edge. The tee lasts longer than wood tee's, and has been proven by independent testing to improve distance and reduce ball spin vs traditional cup tee's...

Here is everything you will get:

  • 3 Packs of Tee's (39-45 Tee's): Our patented tee is designed to give you fierce performance and durability
  • 5n1 Divot Tool: Designed by players to be the ultimate tool for the green. Fix any divot, draw an alignment line on your ball, clean your groves, keep your grips dry or even use if for putting drills.
  • Poker Style Ball Marker: 2n1 ball marker. One 40mm poker style marker for those long putts and a removeable 24mm ball marker for those knee knockers.
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